Workers' Comp Tax Credit Program


The Border City Enterprise Zone Workers' Compensation Tax Credit Program is available to Moorhead businesses to reduce a portion of their Minnesota worker’s compensation insurance costs. Participating businesses submit an online application each year to receive a credit for a percentage of the actual cost of their workers' compensation insurance expense. You must submit your most recent audit statement and file MN income taxes to be eligible for this refundable credit to receive:

  • 25% rebate of your workers' compensation expense
  • Up to $30,000 rebate per business

To qualify for the program you fit the following criteria:

  • You are a Moorhead business which is not exempt from paying Minnesota income tax
  • You pay Minnesota workers' compensation insurance for employees
  • You are not a facility of which the primary purpose is one of the following: provision of recreation or entertainment, private golf course, country club, massage parlor, tennis club, skating facility (including roller skating, skateboard & ice skating), racquet sports facility (including handball or racquetball court), hot tub facility, suntan facility, or racetrack. 

Accepting Applications for the 2023 Tax Year

    Access the online application system with your phone or laptop.  Applications will be accepted through Dec. 15, 2023, for priority review and processing. This electronic system benefits business owners by creating a portal where applications and the approval process can be monitored in real time. The system was refreshed in 2023; your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.