Moorhead Renaissance Zone


The Moorhead Renaissance Zone (MRZ) Program is intended to encourage economic development and investment opportunities in the downtown business district. The MRZ Program includes a property tax exemption as the primary incentive, which includes the possibility of a five (5), ten (10), or fifteen (15) year property tax exemption for qualified projects that meet the minimum investment threshold and goals/objectives outlined in this plan. MRZ property tax exemption benefits are only available to eligible properties that are located within the defined MRZ boundary.

Goals. The goals for Moorhead’s Renaissance Zone focus on renewal, investment, and redevelopment. These include:

 ✓ Activity Generators  ✓ Infill Projects
 ✓ Walkable Districts  ✓ Housing amenities
 ✓ Ground floor uses  ✓ Downtown entryways
 ✓ Neighborhood center  ✓ The place to be
 ✓ Urban design  ✓ 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
 ✓ Transportation     365 days a year
 ✓ Safe streets - safe neighborhoods  ✓ Connections and coordination
 ✓ High quality housing  


Applications are accepted anytime. Due to notice and public hearing requirements, allow up to 6 weeks for approvals. For more information contact Economic Development or call 218.299.5441.